Exims Company

The EXIMS Group

The EXIMS Group is a collective of approximately 70 business managers, entrepreneurs and investors who are affiliated through their common participation in a variety of past, ongoing and prospective business projects. The majority of its members is composed of corporate executives and country operations managers who worked for a US publicly-held information services company named IMS International Inc. (NASDAQ symbol IMSI) during the period 1970-1998.

IMS was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in 1989 and was spun off from D&B in 1996/97 to again become a public company, IMS Health Inc., (NYSE symbol RX).  During the period of the EXIMS Group’s tenure within IMS, the Company was the world’s largest health care market research company as well as operating the 12th largest health care publishing and media business and the 3rd largest toxicology service business. At the time of its spin off from D&B, IMS had revenues in excess of $1BN and operated in over 70 countries with 6000 employees.

Most of the EXIMS Group left IMS employ in 1989-1991 in conjunction with the sale to D&B and subsequent management buyout of the publishing division which was renamed MediMedia International Group. The remainder left in conjunction with the reorganization of D&B culminating in the spin off of IMS from the D&B group in 1996/97.