EXIMS Company



Jeff Altman : Former finance vice president of IMS International and currently a financial consultant to multinational corporations specializing in mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations and treasury, realignments and international tax matters.  Mr. Altman is one of the founding investors and transaction leader of the SSI acquisition team and is on the SSI Board as well as the HealthSpring Communications board.  Mr. Altman also is a founder and member of the Board of Directors of Liberty Bell Bank of Cherry Hill, New Jersey (NASDAQ symbol LBBB).  Mr. Altman has participated in the management teams of Saatchi & Saatchi, EMCORE Corporation, adidas AG and MediMedia International Ltd. Mr. Altman resides in London, England.


David Bromilow:Former Asia director of IMS International and later the MediMedia publishing business, and largest shareholder of the adidas AG ownership group.  David is a key founding investor in the SSI acquisition team and the Partition Systems Group. Mr. Bromilow resides in Bangkok, Thailand


Charles W. Johnson: A former vice president of IMS International and CFO for its international operations.  He also held the position of Assistant to the Chariman, Dun & Bradstreet Japan.  Mr. Johnson is a founding member of the SSI International business and previously a member of its Board of Directors. He is a current member of the board of directors of HealthSpring Communications Holdings LLC. Mr. Johnson resides in St. Petersburg, FL.


David Flaschen:Operating Partner, Castanea Partners, formerly Managing Director at Flagship Ventures, CEO of Thompson Financial, Chairman and CEO of Donnelly Marketing. Prior to that, David spent 10 years with Dun and Bradstreet, including 2 years as President of AC Nielsen, North America, and 4 years as Vice President for software development at IMS International. David was a founding investor, and advisor to the Board of Directors of SSI and he has held positions on the boards of various other public and private companies in the information services sector. Mr. Flaschen resides in Boston. Massachusetts.